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For past issues:
Issue #4, June 2005

Online newsletter on the latest happenings in PLM/CAD/CAM/CAE


Welcome to CAD-IT Online! We hope you enjoy reading the newsletter and meanwhile please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any query on our solutions or services.
Post Report on 1st ASEAN PLM (Product Life Cycle Management) Symposium/
5th ASEAN ANSYS Conference, 31 March & 1 April 2005, Singapore
- Strategies For Success & Survival

The conference which took place at Goodwood Park Hotel, Singapore, saw a turnout of 100 over distinguished participants from diverse industries, across the region. Our theme for this event, Adaptation - Strategies for Success and Survival was a timely reminder that successful companies today must leverage on innovative technologies in order to  manage changes cost-effectively.  PLM solutions are used by companies for experimenting in today’s complex product development and manufacturing processes.  Because of this, they are able to survive and thrive in the jungle of global competition.


Participants had an excellent time networking and learning about how leading companies have succeeded from the successful deployment of PLM technologies and the latest trends. The presentations were conducted in an interactive manner, allowing participants to gain a deeper level of confidence in applying PLM solutions like ANSYS, Goldfire, Moldflow, Anycasting, Smarteam and others. 

Key Highlights:

  • Guest Of Honor Address - Mr. S. Iswaran (Managing Director, Strategic Development, Temasek Holdings and Deputy Speaker of Parliament and MP for West Coast GRC).
  • Launching of CUPID - Creative Unit for Product Innovation and Development at Singapore Polytechnic
  • IP Management and Singapore’s Experience - Prof. Hang Chang Chieh (Director, Centre for Management of Science & Technology, National University of Singapore and Chairman of IP Academy).
  • PLM Showcases & Paper Contributions - 58 presentations by distinguished guests from many leading organizations in diverse industries share their experience regarding the impact of PLM in their organizations.  Broadly grouped into 2 tracks - Microelectronics and General.
  • Keynote Address -  Ansys's Vision And Strategy For Success Through Collaborative Engineering.
  • ANSYS Product Updates - offering unparalleled usability, modularity and extensibility in an Integrated Product Development Environment.  Many participants gained a stronger understanding of ANSYS V9.0 and Workbench as well as the future product development strategy and directions of ANSYS.
  • Pre and Post Conference Training - ANSYS V9.0, ANSYS First Time User, Finite Element Analysis In Electronic Packaging and CFX Basic, CFX Advanced Features Workshops/Courses are conducted before and after the conference. 

CAD-IT and Singapore Polytechnic jointly set up Creativity Unit for Product Innovation and Development (CUPID) Centre

31 Mar 2005, CAD-IT and SP signed an MOC to strengthen the spirit of co-operation and the sharing of ideas and strengths through the setting up of  CUPID - as a Centre of Excellence for advanced technology and applications in the area of Product Innovation and Development.  World-class PLM solutions like ANSYS and Goldfire are among some of the technologies used. 

CUPID was born out of a common goal by SP and CAD-IT to enlarge and nurture a strong community of product developers who are savvy in the effective use of PLM solutions in the product development process.  As such, CUPID will serve as a match-making platform bringing together both academic and industry through activities that encourage creativity and innovation which include talks, lectures, seminars, workshops, conferences, design competitions and training courses.


Leverage Corporate Intellectual Capital with ANSYS 9.0

With ANSYS V9.0, the future of product development will be a process that is more automated, more integrated, more innovative and truer to life. That is where ANSYS is taking engineering simulation. ANSYS V9.0 combines technologies like industry-leading meshing, nonlinear analysis and computational fluid dynamics, reducing costs and bringing innovative products to market quicker. It will also help you to get there with more powerful, integrated and accessible simulation solutions within the ANSYS® Workbench™. Workbench’s easy-to-use modern architecture allows companies to be more productive by eliminating manual file transfer, result translation and reanalysis, saving time and money. Furthermore, ANSYS V9.0 extends core features and provides impressive robust design capabilities as well as impressive developments in the areas of mechanics, computational fluid dynamics, high-frequency electromagnetics and multiphysics. In addition, new breakthrough technology for large-scale parallel computing, allows users to analyze complete systems without unnecessary approximations to their models. [More Info]


Goldfire Innovator 2.1 Set to Provide More Robustness, Stability and Scalability

Invention Machine Corporation will soon be releasing the improved Goldfire Innovator 2.1. This new version has numerous new features and enhancements in the areas of searching, operation and processing capabilities as summarised:

  • Expanded Natural Language Search Capabilities which enables the automatic paraphrasing of queries, supports multiple natural language queries with the use of Boolean operators, and supports automatic synonym queries and enhanced synonym query processing.

  • Enhanced Functional Modeling Capabilities where the device model wizard and the design simplification wizard can be minimized and restored. There is also the notes editor, printing from define operation functions as well as controls for model data dialog box for process analysis.

  • Solution Manager Enhancements The “Wrench” tool for search-results allows you to choose whether to save your solution or to view a document summary. As for the original versus variant model distinctions, the Solution Manager now has icons that indicate the difference between an original model and the design scenarios.

  • Administrator Enhancements which includes the ability to control the size of search result sets, the ability to index compressed document formats/archives, and the ability to consolidate duplicate documents in search results.

  • Expanded Capabilities for Deep Web Server Processing whereby using multiple queries to select documents for indexing for a more relevant and thorough result. There is also the ability to filter the deep web server list to include an “exact phrase” servers.

  • Improved Online Help whereby the Help menu command and the Help toolbar button are now context sensitive. The Help system also opens to the help topic that corresponds to the current screen.

V6 2005 Pre- launch Announcement

In order to meet new challenges in today's tool and die industry, V6 Pro Design and WireCAM have been revamped and will re-surface with more new and improved functionalities in the 2005 version. 

Highlights of the new features and enhancements for

V6 Pro Design 2005 include:

  • Earlier versions of V6 Pro Design support only Third Angle Projection. V6 Pro 2005 supports both Third Angle and First Angle Projection. A new template has been provided in which you can select the required projection angle.  
  • Auto generation of 3-dimensional view for all the plates, inserts and punches in the drawing.
  • Retaining general design information which save the trouble of entering the same information in the system for the next use.
  • Copying the profile to another layer with offset .
  • Multi selection of views and moving of more than one side views at a time.
  • There will be no overlapping problems on the drawing when using auto detailing to create the "Hole Description".
  • Exporting the layers to a single drawing.

WireCAM 2005 include:

  • New and enhanced post processor for the new Fanuc RoboDrill
  • Improved fix gap feature - Profiles that have small little gaps will affect the ultimate CNC result. V6 Wire CAM 2005 provides a new feature to fix the gap problems.
  • Spline cutting to divide the segment into arcs - provision of a new feature to automatically divide Spline object to smaller arc objects.

Release of Moldflow Plastics Insight 5.1

Moldflow Corporation, the leading global provider of automation and optimization software for the plastics injection molding industry, has recently released Moldflow Plastics Insight® (MPI®) 5.1 which is the industry’s most widely used plastics design analysis software.

MPI 5.1 allows users to interface with ANSYS® structural analysis software from ANSYS, Inc to ensure the accuracy of the plastics material data used in a structural analysis. Additional new features allow users to generate and validate MPI/3D meshes faster, leverage new diagnostic tools to evaluate cooling circuit and runner design components, simulate new processes, obtain improved solver predictions and access numerous post-processing enhancements. [More Info]


Release of DEFORM-2D and DEFORM-F2 Version 8.2

DEFORM-2D and DEFORM-F2 will share FEM engine, AMG mesh generation and other key components. Some of the key enhancements made in this release for both DEFORM-2D and DEFORM-F2 are:

  • Geometry is shaded on the inside to display the correct orientation.
  • Geometric primitives are available.
  • The centerline is shown for all axisymmetric simulations.
  • Large geometry files with multiple boundaries can be imported.

Release of DEFORM-3D and DEFORM-F3 Version 5.1

Some of the enhancements in this release are:

  • Self-contact can now be handled during a simulation.
  • The elasto-plastic model has been modified for increased robustness.
  • Geometric primitives are now available in the preprocessor.
  • The phase transformation kinetics models have been improved.
  • Friction windows have been implemented.
  • Stability has been improved during simulation and mesh generation.
  • Conforming coupling contact has been implemented for multiple deforming body simulations.
  • A movement preview has been added.

Simulation graphics are implemented to visually monitor a simulation while running for all DEFORM Systems. A multiple operations interface has been developed to allow the user to construct sequential operations in one preprocessing session. Multiple operations are available in DEFORM-2D and DEFORM-3D. Multiple objects can also be coupled during positioning.


Upcoming Trainings & Seminars @ CAD–IT

To keep you aligned in this fast paced industry, we have lined up a series of trainings to equip you with up-to-date practical information. The training is structured and conducted in a way to bring you real life issues and problem solving skill and knowledge. You may refer to our website for the full listing of scheduled training and seminar dates. Courses now available include:

  • Ansys 1st Time User
  • Ansys DesignSpace
  • Quickstart with Goldfire Innovator
  • Moldflow Mold Advisor 7.0
  • Moldflow MPI Basic
  • Essential Autodesk Inventor
  • Autodesk Inventor Professional
  • "Embracing Innovation in Product Design ” seminar
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