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Ever been unable to push through or sell one of your products due to unappealing visualizations for your simulated product? Ever thought of presenting your product in a way that would awe your customers and add value to your marketing? CEI has several solutions for extreme post-processing visualization that do just that. CEI offers several forms of EnSight; these include EnSight Lite, Standard, Gold and DR (distributed rendering).  These products are described in more detail on their specific product pages, click below to go to each respective product page.  

EnSight Lite

The EnSight visualization environment for 32-bit and mobile users. 


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Software for analyzing, visualizing and communicating high-end scientific and engineering datasets.  


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EnSight Gold


EnSight Gold takes full advantage of parallel processing and rendering, provides support for an array of VR devices, and enables real-time collaboration.  



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EnSight DR

EnSight DR uses cluster-based rendering, visualizing large datasets through distributed rendering. 


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CAD-IT engineers' image entry featured in EnSight 2009 3D Calendar

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