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EnSight Gold - parallel processing and rendering visualization




  For Those on the Frontier of Scientific and Engineering Visualization

Call it what you want - cutting edge, leading edge or bleeding edge - you're there, with problems of a size and complexity that nobody thought possible a few years ago.  

Fortunately, there's a tool for those who live on the frontiers of scientific and engineering visualization. It's EnSight Gold, software for analyzing, visualizing and communicating high-end scientific and engineering datasets. EnSight Gold takes full advantage of parallel processing and rendering, provides support for an array of VR devices, and enables real-time collaboration.   

EnSight Gold stakes out the territory where models contain millions and even billions of nodes. Which means you have some good company out on the frontier.   

Big Performance
EnSight Gold's distributed architecture handles scientific and engineering analysis models containing up to billions of nodes while optimizing memory use. It builds upon the full functionality of CEI's EnSight, used by more than 1,500 scientists and engineers worldwide.

Features unique to EnSight Gold include:

  • SMP parallel processing support for more than 2 processors.
  • Supports multi-pipe display to drive VR planar and non-planar display environments such as a RAVE or multi-panel display wall.
  • "Heads Up" Macro (HUM) for creating customized VR interfaces as well as interaction using VR input devices for head tracking and manipulation.
  • Server-of-server (SoS) functionality for parallel processing of decomposed data on SMP or DMP architectures.
  • Output to POV-Ray ray-tracing program for photorealistic images.
  • Collaboration between remote users.
  • Interfaces with EnLiten Gold for sharing of results in VR environments.
  • Support for 3D input devices by Trackd or write your own using CEI's provided API.



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