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What is "Caelum XXen" ?

Caelum XXen is the CAD for Next Generation backed by "Collaboration" and "Functional Modeling” capability
The user of Caelum XXen will get the benefit of significant reduction of operation.


  1. Teamdesign to support not only to assembly teamdesign but also individual parts.
    • In the assembly teamdesign, master data for part will be stored in Teamdesign Server then each design staff members can conduct the design work, verifying/confirming the modification made by other real-time.
    • Multiple design staff member can work together to design one piece of part together, verifying/confirming the modification made by other real-time.

  2. Teamdesign environment in Global base
    • Global Teamdesign Server will provide the global teamdesign environment by controlling each teamdesign server that was installed at each site.
    • The teamdesign Server capability is NOT ONLY for the multi-national company. Global Teamdesign Server capability will help design to work together on industrial design and mechanical design EVEN at single location. (Graham, based on our experience, when we say "Global Teamdesign" to customers, they say "We don't need them because we don't have multiple design location worldwide." So we say "Collaboration will help even two designers in the same room to jointly design.)

  3. Robust Functional Modeling Capability
    "Functional Modeling" is brand new modeling methodology that will allow designer to intuitively put his/her intent into modeling.
    • Functional Modeling will make the modification a lot of easier as the system will automatically adjust the shape in accordance with one modification made.
    • User-friendly GUI so that designer can operate Caelum XXen, following the thinking flow.


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