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Cortona3D feeds design data from CAD, PDM and ERP into powerful 3D authoring tools that integrate ‘Visual Know-How’ into product documentation.  Cortona3D enables users with no 3D expertise to create interactive content, dramatically reducing effort, errors and delays that usually accompany redrawing CAD for technical documentation.





Solutions Capabilities

Cortona3D Rapid products are modular, so that you purchase only the specific element(s) you need. These tools enable organizations to author lightweight, interactive 3D content including 'Visual Know-How' for more effective maintenance and operations manuals, illustrated parts catalogs, interactive training simulations, and other product support material.


Features include:

  • No 3D or CAD expertise required

  • ISO open standards

  • Lightweight format for delivery via the Web

  • Protects design intellectual property

  • Integrates into existing work processes

  • SCORM compliant - works with any LMS

  • 'Dynamic update' ensures that product changes are easy to upload in support and training materials

  • Support for ATA and S1000D standards


Solution Benefits

SGet products to market faster
Develop product maintenance documentation and training concurrently with product development, reusing CAD design data.

Increase product and services revenue and differentiate your product
Visualization and simulation deliver new levels of clarity and effectiveness in complex knowledge transfer, after sales/service bundles and shorten sales cycles.

Cut development costs of product maintenance and training across the product lifecycle
Streamline authoring, share and reuse up-to-date digital design data (CAD) for technical documentation. Eliminate redundant processes and enable dynamic, automatic update when product design is modified.

Eliminate costly and inaccurate translation
Communicate visually with rich interactive 3D content including exploding views and simulations to make documentation universal, eliminating localization costs.

Enable feedback from users
Associate user comments with specific points in the 3D objects to accurately communicate feedback.

Increase productivity and workforce efficiency
3D documentation provides accurate, consistent, easy to use manuals, training simulations and more.

Reduce costs
Re-use content across functional areas. For example, a maintenance procedure simulation can be reused in training at no additional cost.



Solutions Chart

  • Enables fast and easy production of digital interactive work instructions, job cards and assembly instructions
  • Quickly and easily create 3D animations for visual work instruction explanation
  • Reuses content direct from engineering CAD for rapid creation of MBOM and bill of process
  • Speeds-up product documentation authoring by reusing existing CAD to create 3D animations to clearly communicate complex mechanical procedures
  • Minimizing translation issues and improving information retention using 3D manuals which encourages visual knowledge transfer
  • Produces digital, interactive illustrated parts catalogs that use unique 3D ‘explosions’ to illustrate complex mechanical assemblies
  • Interactive 3D environment with drill down navigation improves the user experience and puts an end to ordering and purchasing errors
  • Cuts catalog production costs by reusing existing CAD data
  • Combines existing CAD assets with training documentation to produce digital, interactive training applications that use animated 3D simulations
  • Can be used as standalone applications or integrated with existing SCORM-compliant Learning Management Systems
  • Gives users in the field an intuitive way to attach feedback information to a specific parts/assemblies in the 3D viewer and send it back to a central data repository for analysis and troubleshooting
  • Makes collecting customer feedback on operation, maintenance and equipment repair easier and faster than ever before





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