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DEFORM is an engineering software that enables designers to analyze metal forming processes on the computer rather than the shop floor using trial and error. Process simulation using DEFORM has been instrumental in cost, quality and delivery improvements at leading companies for nearly a decade. Today's competitive pressures require companies to take advantage of every tool at their disposal. DEFORM has proven itself to be extremely effective in a wide range of research and industrial applications.

DEFORM Systems include Automatic Mesh Generation (AMG), which allows users to specify remeshing criteria and optimization criteria for an intelligent mesh, based on solution behavior. The AMG system is optimized to meet the severe requirements of large deformation modeling. Forming equipment models are coupled into the simulation engine. The energy loss of a hammer, screw press or power limits of hydraulic press can be included in the analysis.

Corner unfill, load requirements and die pressures are available outputs. Graphical output includes deformed mesh (to demonstrate material flow), nodal velocities (to quantify local material flow at any time during the process) and field variables which are easily available. Graphics can be exported to word processors or other programs for reports or presentations.

DEFORM includes sophisticated animation creation and replay capability, which allows users to graphically demonstrate material flow and the change in field variables in a "real time" display format.

  DEFORM-2D provides axisymmetric and plane strain process simulation on popular workstations and PCs.

  DEFORM-3D provides full three-dimensional process simulation with very sophisticated capabilities.

  DEFORM-F2 is an entry-level two-dimensional system running on personal computers.

  DEFORM-F3 provides three-dimensional simulation of forming processes in an easy-to-use environment.

  DEFORM-HT provides leading edge analysis of heat treatment processes.

DEFORM-TOOLS enhance the productivity and presentation capability of the DEFORM system.


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