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Delivering the Enterprise Platform for Accelerating and Optimizing Innovation

Invention Machine is the leading provider of software that speeds the process of innovation. For more than a decade, Invention Machine has helped over 1,000 companies worldwide, to drive top-line growth, reduce costs, and expedite time-to-market by improving process efficiencies and more rapidly fueling their product pipelines with higher-quality products.

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, and with global operations and sales distribution offices in the UK, France, Spain, Italy, Japan, Korea, China, India, Singapore and Australia, Invention Machine's customers include: Boeing, Hewlett-Packard, Caterpillar, Samsung, Delphi, Whirlpool, NEC, Gillette, Northrop Grumman, NASA and Procter & Gamble.

Invention Machine has helped its customers to consistently recognize high returns on their investment in its solutions across the following types of initiatives: new product development, existing product improvement, production process improvement, defect resolution and prevention, strategic product and technology research, market-barrier elimination and intellectual property protection.

Global companies use Goldfire Innovator to:



Fuel Product Pipelines

Invention Machine's Goldfire Innovatorô helps organizations to accelerate the process of innovation while fueling their product pipelines with more and better products and product enhancements.

Whether developing new products, correcting defects, or designing feature modifications to existing products or production processes, Goldfire Innovator helps engineers and product designers to methodically explore and validate more competitive, efficient, cost-effective, and higher-quality product designs.

The software arms users with easy-to-use problem identification and analysis, problem-solving, and solution-generating capabilities, enabling them to systematically tackle engineering problems during the conceptual design stages of innovation and throughout the product lifecycle. Goldfire Innovator guides strategic thinking by integrating powerful analysis and synthesis applications with rich patent and scientific content to stimulate 'out-of-the-box' thinking.

Goldfire Innovator enables users to more efficiently state and solve engineering problems, overcome engineering contradictions, perform function and cost analyses, link scientific effects, and access and analyze solutions across a variety of engineering disciplines. This, in turn, helps engineers to generate a greater number of plausible conceptual design solutions.

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Convert More Concepts Into Products

Invention Machine's Goldfire Innovatorô helps companies to generate more concepts and to then translate a greater number of these concepts into products.

  June 2003

Experts reckon an enterprise has to start with around 3,000 bright ideas if it is to come up with 100 worthwhile projects, which, in turn, will be winnowed down to four development programs for new products. And four such development programs are the minimum needed to stand any chance of getting one winner.

Beyond idea-generation, Goldfire Innovator leads users, step-by-step, through a series of pre-defined and customizable workflows to potential solutions.

Users can then leverage Goldfire Innovator's knowledge engine and patent analysis capabilities to identify those solutions that are both technically plausible as well as those that do not infringe upon patent or technologies already on the market.

In making cross-disciplinary technical information quickly accessible to the innovation worker, Goldfire Innovator enables users to identify solutions - across domains in and outside of their own expertise - and to more efficiently determine if a given solution is technically plausible. With Goldfire Innovator, users can quickly access over 15 million patents, worldwide, to determine whether of not a patent already exists for a given concept or technology (and provides alternate suggestions to navigate an intellectual property barrier-to-entry).

Goldfire Innovator then automatically ranks solutions based upon their feasibility - both scientifically-speaking as well as with regard to navigating any patent barriers. The ability to validate and rank potential solutions helps lead engineers to concepts and solutions that are more likely to result in viable products.

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Eliminate Bottlenecks & Inefficiencies

Invention Machine's Goldfire Innovatorô helps organizations to eliminate bottlenecks in manufacturing processes and to improve efficiencies in the innovation process.

Goldfire Innovator analyzes time-dependent processes and critical manufacturing operations by defining the sequence or sequences of technological operations used in a manufacturing system. The software incorporates value analysis, cost analysis, and function analysis to:

  • Solve production problems

  • Speed production cycles

  • Better conform to regulatory compliances

  • Eliminate bottle-necks

  • Reduce waste and re-work

In addition, Goldfire Innovator delivers greater efficiencies throughout the entire innovation process via its structured methodologies and customizable and pre-defined workflows. These methodologies and workflows guide users to identify the right engineering problem (i.e. via root-cause analysis capabilities), perform analyses, and identify and validate solutions.

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Empower the Engineers, R&D and Manufacturing

Experts estimate that as much as 40% of work being done with a company is redundant. The question becomes: how can the relevant information by accessed and shared amongst engineers in an organization.

Invention Machine's Goldfire Innovatorô empowers engineers to capture, share and re-use corporate knowledge across corporate and personal knowledge bases as well as external engineering and research resources - including rich cross-disciplinary scientific and patent content, pre-indexed by Invention Machine.

With Goldfire Innovator, in a matter of minutes, engineers can do what had previously taken them days to do: research hundreds to thousands of documents, read them, search for relationships between concepts and create a structured knowledge-base - optimized for sharing within a corporation. This ability greatly enhances the productivity of the engineer in the areas of problem-solving and product or process development and improvement.

The software searches, reads and indexes the documents, freeing engineers to focus on conceptual exploration and solution validation - resulting in higher-quality and more innovative concepts.

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