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Moldflow Design Analysis Solutions

Moldflow provides solutions that work together to optimize the total process of producing a plastic injection molded part. Moldflow's software range offers solutions that provide targeted information and advice at the product design, analysis and production stages of the process.

Moldflow launched Moldflow Communicator


  Moldflow Plastics Advisers™ (MPA) Design-for-Manufacture Tools

Moldflow Plastics Advisers are easy-to-learn, 3D solids-based plastics flow simulation products that allow plastics part and injection mold designers to determine the manufacturability and quality of their designs early on to avoid potential downstream problems which can lead to delays and cost overruns.

Moldflow announces the availability of Moldflow Plastics Advisers (MPA)8.0

See NEW features in MPA Release 8.0 (PDF)

  Moldflow Plastics Insight™ In-Depth Simulations for Design Validation and Optimization (MPI)

Moldflow Plastics Insight software offers the greatest range of injection molding process simulation tools in the plastics industry.


Moldflow Plastics Xpert®


Moldflow Manufacturing Solutions

If your goal is to optimize the efficiency of your manufacturing process, you need Moldflow Manufacturing Solutions products.

Moldflow Manufacturing Solutions (MMS) products address all of these needs with scalable solutions that work for small, custom shops and large, multi-national corporations alike.

Design-to-manufacturing link -- MMS modules can import results files from Moldflow Plastics Advisers® (MPA®) and Moldflow Plastics Insight® (MPI®) software, the world's leading CAE analysis products for the plastics injection molding industry. MPA and MPI results can be used to generate the starting velocity and pressure profiles at the injection molding machine. In this way, optimization work that is performed during the early stages of part and mold design can be implemented directly on the shop floor.

Manufacturing Solutions:

Shotscope® FX Process and Production Monitoring System for the Die Cast Industry


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