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Since 1992, Platform has established a reputation as an industry leader in High Performance Computing (HPC) management software, bringing the most powerful commercial HPC solutions to leading global enterprises.


The industry's most powerful family of HPC management software



The Platform LSF family of products is the industry's most powerful and comprehensive family of High Performance Computing (HPC) management software. The Platform LSF product family helps manage and optimize expensive and complex IT environments delivering faster time-to-business-results, dramatic reductions in the cost of computing, guaranteed service execution, and higher IT efficiency. <<Learn More>>



Platform LSF


Platform LSF allows you to manage and accelerate batch workload processing for mission-critical compute- or data-intensive application workload. With Platform LSF you can intelligently schedule and guarantee the completion of batch workload across your distributed, virtualized, High Performance Computing (HPC)environment.


No matter the industry, Platform LSF increases the utilization of existing hardware resources. Chip designers run more design verifications. Automotive engineers use virtual product development techniques to limit physical testing. Government researchers accelerate large, complex, grand challenge computations. Resource engineers acquire, process, analyze and interpret data to speed time to production. <<Learn More>>




Platform LSF License Scheduler


Platform LSF License Scheduler allocates a virtualized pool of licenses to users based on your organization's established distribution policy. This optimizes license allocation maximizing software license investments across your geographically distributed Platform LSF clusters.  <<Learn More>>



Platform LSF MultiCluster


Platform LSF MultiCluster extends an organization’s range to share resources beyond a single Platform LSF cluster to span multiple geographically dispersed clusters.  It provides a single machine image when connecting individual High Performance Computing (HPC) cluster environments together. With Platform LSF MultiCluster, local ownership and control is maintained, ensuring priority access to any local cluster while providing global access across an enterprise’s entire HPC infrastructure. <<Learn More>>




Platform LSF Session Scheduler


Platform LSF Session Scheduler, a Platform LSF add-on, gives users of High Performance Computing (HPC) resources the best of both worlds – speed and volume. Platform LSF Session Scheduler is a breakthrough innovation that brings a new low-latency, high-throughput scheduling paradigm to clustered computing environments.


With the new session scheduler, customers can realize the benefits of high-throughput, low-latency task submission without needing to re-architect applications. Whether your large-scale computing problem is in semiconductor design analysis, vehicle crash simulation or pharmaceutical research, experienced high-performance datacenter managers will appreciate this important new capability. <<Learn More>>



Optimizing ANSYS with Platform HPC Management Software


Platform LSF, a collection of technologies essential for modern distributed CAE environments, provides ANSYS users with transparent access to computing resources ensuring that jobs complete faster and that compute resources are optimally used. Platform LSF includes advanced management of parallel jobs and also includes a web portal, an easy-to-use portal for ANSYS software and other CAE applications.


Platform LSF also allows administrators to supplement the rich capabilities offered by the ANSYS® Workbench™ environment exposing services via a customizable Web-based job submission and monitoring portal. The use of the Web portal enables collaborative engineering with remote teams as well as simplifying the handling of temporary scratch storage, which is a key issue for CAE environments that support multiple engineers and large numbers of simulation jobs. <<Learn More>>




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